Axis Bank Corporate Net Banking Registration – Step by Step Guide


Axis Corporate Net Banking registration is quite easy. If you have Axis Personal account then you can register for Axis net Banking.
Axis Corporate Net Banking is required if you have an Axis Corporate Account.
The only method to handle the majority of your banking needs from your office without having to go to the bank is through corporate internet banking.
Through Corporate Net Banking, you can handle a lot of these banking operations without having to spend hours in the bank, right from your workplace.
If you don’t already have axis bank corporate net banking, you can sign up and get started by reading this post.

Axis Bank is a leading bank in India and it offers a lot of services such as Axis Bank Zero Balance Account and Axis Personal loan etc.
Before registering Axis Corporate Net Banking read the benefits.

Benefits of Axis Corporate Net Banking

  • Corporate Net Banking enables you to see your corporate account’s account data online, obtain your statement of accounts, and view your corporate account’s balance.
  • You can send money online to any other person or business, or you can move money from one account to another. In addition to this, you can pay any company online after purchasing raw materials.
  • Businesses with more than one employee may pay their employees salary from the company account. You can either upload the account information of all the employees at once and arrange the salary payment to credit everyone’s accounts at the same time.
  • By signing into Axis Net Banking, you can file any of your corporate taxes online without having to go to a government office.
  • Earlier, even for a single payment, RTGS or NEFT required a visit to the bank; now, thanks to corporate net banking, any single payment may now be made via RTGS or NEFT online from their office location, negating the need for a visit to the bank.
  • Any vendor connected to the business can request direct payment using the dealer debit feature of corporate net banking.
  • Netsecure is a feature of Axis Corporate Internet Banking. Any user can connect in to this facility using 2 factor authentication only. The first time you log in, you must enter your User ID and Password. The second time, an OTP must be used for re-authentication.
  • Axis Corporate Net Banking rights include those of the initiator, approver, initiator and approver, and viewer.
  • Only the initiator right may be used to begin any transaction. The Approve Right allows for the approval of transactions. The transaction is started and approved by both the initiator and the approver. Additionally, only the account’s transactions can be seen in the viewer on the right.
  • Corporate Net Banking has different access levels, allowing users to choose between account-level access and customer ID-level access.
  • Corporate Net Banking offers customizable transaction roles, such as transaction roles solely between your accounts, transaction roles between your accounts and those of third parties, and transaction roles only for tax payments.

How to Apply Axis Corporate Net Banking Online

Online and offline applications of Axis Bank Corporate Net Banking are available.
You must first download the Axis Corporate Net Banking Form in order to apply offline.

Axis Bank Corporate Net Banking

Enter the date first in the Axis Corporate Net Banking Form.
Select Application Type and then click New Request.
Put the company’s name in the Customer Name field.
Enter the API Customer ID if you are already a bank customer.
The corporate net banking form has three different fund transfer alternatives that must be chosen based on your needs.
Choose the RTGS/NEFT and IPMS facility option.
Choose Corporate Salary Payment from the menu.
The application form includes alternatives for every type of banking facility; after carefully reading it, choose one.
After accurately completing the application, don’t forget to include the company seal and to sign the authority.
In addition to signing the application form, firmly seal each of the seven locations.
No bank has yet launched an online corporate net banking application form filling service.
Since the application contains a number of significant fields that must be filled out.
However, there is no online resource that offers this kind of form filling capability.

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