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If you have any loan requirements, an Axis Bank Loan is a better option.

Axis Bank is a fast-growing private bank. I am also Axis Bank customer for the last 16 years and operating my account in this bank. In these 16 years, I have definitely noticed a special thing the policies of Axis Bank are in the favor of the customers.

axis bank loan

Once joined with Axis Bank, no customer ever feels cheated. All the schemes of this bank are transparent. Yes, being a private bank, some expenses are more in this bank than in government banks. But after getting the service of this bank, the customer forgets these expenses.

I have also taken axis bank loans such as personal loans, car loans, and credit card loans. Out of these, I have paid in personal loans and car loans, in which I did not have to pay anything extra. I repaid my loan according to the promise that the bank had made to me, in which the bank did not face any problem nor did I have to pay more interest or processing fees.

Loans Offered by Axis Bank

Axis Bank now offers almost all types of loans. In which the most famous Axis Bank Loan is Personal Loan. First of all, let us talk about this attractive scheme of Axis Bank whose name is Personal Loan.

Axis  Bank Loan – Personal Loan

A personal loan is always a secure loan in which the bank gives loans to its customers without any guarantee.

Axis Bank also gives personal loans to its customers without any guarantee, although all other governments and non-government banks offer personal loans, I am going to tell you the good thing about Axis Bank Personal Loan.

Axis Bank offers Instant Personal loans which can be transferred to your account within 3 minutes. Now how does this happen, just know about it.

axis bank loan

Suppose you are already a customer of Axis Bank. In that case, if you have some of the other savings accounts, salary accounts, or business accounts with this bank and your CIBIL score is good then you will definitely get a pre-approved personal loan offer.

Axis pre-approved loan offers can range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 15 lakh.

Apart from this, you can also apply for a direct personal loan in the bank, which can get you up to 50 lakhs as a personal loan.

But before taking a loan, you must know about the charges and processing fees of a personal loan.

Whenever you take a personal loan, there will be a processing fee of Rs 399.

Like I said earlier that being a private bank, you may have to pay some higher interest rate in this bank but they are charged for services. You will get tired while completing the personal loan requirement in a government bank and about 60% of the people do not even get a loan from a government bank.

The interest rate of Axis Bank Personal Loan starts from 12% and goes up to 21%.

Other minor charges include check bounce charges, overdue charges, late payment charges, and bank statement charges.

But even after all this, if you operate the account properly, then you will never have to pay these charges.

Now let’s talk about the next scheme in the list of Axis Bank loans, which is named Car Loan.

Axis Bank Loan – Car Loan

Car is such a vehicle that in today’s time it has become mandatory for everyone to take it. If one has or does not have a cash amount, most people buy cars only by taking a loan from a bank.

Axis Bank also offers an attractive loan to buy a car. This bank offers loans for both buying a new car and buying a used car.

If you want to buy a new car then this bank gives a car loan 100% of the cost of the car and if you want to buy a used car then 85% of the cost of the car.

The loan amount for a new car or a used car should be at least Rs 1 lakh.

A loan for a new car can be taken for a period of 7 years.

A loan for a used car can be taken for a tenure of 5 years.

Documentation Charges 500 Rs.

The processing fee for availing of a car loan is Rs Rs. 3500 to  Rs. 5500.

The interest rate on car loans starts from 7.85% and goes up to 14.50%.

Apart from this, there are many other minor charges like check bounce, duplicate statement charges, NOC, panel interest and loan cancellation charges, etc.

The third best scheme in my list in the Axis Bank loan list is Home Loan.

Axis Bank Home Loan

Axis Bank has made home loans very attractive. Total 4 types of schemes have been created which can suit any customer.

These four types of schemes are as follows.

Fast forward home loan.

Asha Home Loan

Top-Up Home Loan

Super Saver Home Loan

Power Advantage Home Loan

Fast Forward Loan – 12 months of EMI can be waived in the fast forward loan scheme.

This loan can be taken for a tenure of up to 30 and the loan amount can be from 30 lakhs to 5 crores.

axis bank loan

If the loan installments are paid on time, then in the 10th year 6 months installment will be waived and in the next 15th year again 6 months installment will be waived.

Asha Home Loan – Asha Home Loan can be taken from 1 lakh to 35 lakh.

To avail of this home loan, the family income should be Rs 8000 per month or more.

This loan can be taken for 30 years.

Top-Up Home Loan – Top-Up Home Loan is offered to customers who already have a running home loan and want to apply for more loans as their income increases.

Top up loan can be taken up to 50 lakhs.

Its time limit is till the end of the first loan.

Super Saver Home Loan – Super Saver Loan is given in the form of an overdraft. The loan amount is transferred to the customer’s account itself and when the customer needs he withdraws the required amount and he will get interested on the balance amount.

The amount of a super saver loan ranges from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 5 crore.

The maximum tenure of this loan is 22 years.

The amount of a super saver loan ranges from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 5 crore.

The maximum tenure of this loan is 22 year

Axis Bank Loan List Details

There are many other types of loans in Axis Bank that you can apply in easy installments. Such as  

  1. MSME loan.
  2. Education loan.
  3. Unsecured Loan
  4. Holiday Loan
  5. Business Loan
  6. Two Wheeler Loan
  7. Loan Gain Property
  8. Gold Loan 24X7
  9. Loan Against Securities
  10. Loan Against Fixed Deposit
  11. Commercial Vehicle & Construction Equipment Loan
  12. Bike Loan etc

If you need any loan from the above list, you can easily apply for it. Whether you will get any loan or not, you will get a response quickly. Axis bank loan can be a bit more expensive than a government bank loan, but getting the loan on time and getting the loan without running much is also important.


Axis Bank keeps on launching attractive schemes from time to time which is always in customers’ favor.

Features like – Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card, Axis Bank FreeCharge Credit Card, Axis Bank Online Account, Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, and Axis Bank Zero Bank Account have always been convenient for the customers.


Q: – What are Axis Bank home loan interest rates

Ans: – Axis Bank home loan interest rates start from 7% and up to 11.90%.

Q: – Who is eligible for an Axis Bank Home loan?

Ans: – Anyone salaried, businessman, and a self-employed person can apply for Axis Bank home loan.

Q : What is Axis Bank Personal loan interest rate?

Ans: – Axis Bank Personal loan interest rates start from 12% to up to 21%. Maximum people can get personal loans at 14% annually.

Q: – Who is eligible for Axis Bank Personal loan?

Ans: – Axis Bank can provide personal loans to salaried easily, but any self-employed businessman can also apply for a personal loan.

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