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CUB Net Banking :-City Union Bank is a national bank of India. This bank was earlier known as Kumbakonam Bank which was established in 1904 in Tamil Nadu. In 1987, the name of this bank was changed to City Union Bank. Most of the branches of this bank are found in South India which has lakhs of customers.

City Union Bank also provides all types of banking services like other banks like online account facility, net banking facility, eMudra loan facility, PM Svanidhi loan facility, and mobile banking and online banking facility.

cub online net banking

If you have any account with City Union Bank, be it a savings account, loan account, corporate account or credit card account, then you can also take advantage of the facility of cub net banking. In today’s article, we will explain to you the cub net banking registration process and login process.

Apart from this bank, even if you have an account with any other bank, you can still register for net banking by reading this article. Like SBI Net Banking, Canara Bank Net Banking, Karnataka Bank Net Banking, A U Small Bank Net Banking, PNB Bank Net Banking or HDFC Bank Net Banking etc.

Before starting the cub net banking registration process, we must know about the advantages and disadvantages of net banking.

Benefits of cub online net banking

There are many benefits of City Union Bank net banking.

With cub net banking, you can operate any of your accounts online, for which you do not need to go to the bank.

You can transfer money online to the same bank account or other bank accounts through net banking.

 Anyone can apply for a new savings account, loan account, PF account, or pension account through internet banking.

You can apply for a credit card online with the facility of net banking.

You can pay any online bill, do online recharge or pay school fees online with online banking.

You can shop online or book tickets online through net banking.

You can invest in the share market by opening Demat account online through net banking.

How to do CUB Net Banking Registration

It is very easy to do cub net banking registration. First of all visit the official website of the bank.

Or type cub net banking in google search box and search.

On the City Union Bank website, click on the login option on the right side and click on the link for Personal Banking from the drop-down.

CUB Net Banking

On the next page cub net banking login option will open if you have login id and password then you can login in to net banking.

city union bank net banking

If you want to do cub net banking registration? then click on Forgot User ID.

On the next page enter your account number and your registered mobile number.

After entering both the details click on submit.

On clicking submit, an OTP will be sent to your mobile.

Enter the OTP on the screen and click on submit again.

On clicking submit, your user id will be displayed on the screen.

CUB Net Banking Password Set/Reset Option

The user id has to be noted down somewhere and again the cub net banking login page has to be opened.

On the login page, enter your User ID and click on the link to Set/Reset Password.

You must have an ATM card while setting the password.

CUB Net Banking

First of all, enter your customer id i.e. user id.

In the next step select your branch.

If you do not have a debit card, then click on the option “I Don’t have Debit Card”.

select your date of birth in the next step.

Enter your PAN card number in the next column.

There are 3 types of options given in Facility Required.

Login password

Transaction password


Select all three options and click on the Continue option.

CUB Net Banking

An OVC will be sent to your mobile and email id.

Enter the OVC ID in the blank column and click on Continue.

CUB Net Banking

On the next page, you will get the option to generate login password, transaction password, and mPin.

First, enter login password and retype it.

In the next step, enter the transaction password and retype the same.

In the third step, set the mPin password and confirm it by typing it again. Login Password, Transaction Password, and mPin Password should be different.

After setting all three passwords click on submit option.

CUB Net Banking

On the next page, the message of your password being successfully registered will appear on the screen.

CUB Net Banking Login Process

After generating the login password, transaction password, and mPin, click on the Go to Login option or enter the login page from the home page of the website.

Enter your Customer ID in User ID.

Click on the Continue option.

Enter your password in the Password column and click on the Login button.

cub net banking login

Your net banking details will appear on the next page, click on the option “I We Confirm” at the bottom right.

On the next page again click on the Continue option on the bottom right.

cub net banking login

By clicking on continue you will be logged in to cub net banking.

In this way, your City Union Bank Net Banking Dashboard will open

How to Install cub Net Banking app in Mobile?

If you have generated mPin by reading the above process then you can login to cub mobile banking very easily.

If you have not yet activated the city union bank net banking and mPin, then read the above process and generate mPin first.

To download cub net banking app on the mobile, type and search cub net banking in the google play store.

Download and install cub net banking app on your mobile.

After opening cub net banking app, first of all enter your user id which is customer id.

cub net banking app

Enter your mPin in the next column and click on Login below.

After clicking on Login, your Cub Mobile Banking Dashboard will open.

Whenever you do any transaction from this dashboard, then definitely enter the transaction password.

City Union Bank Net Banking Cons

If anything has benefits, then it also has some cons.

Not everyone can operate net banking in India right now.

There are illiterate people in rural areas for whom it is very difficult to operate net banking.

In net banking, login id and password are everything, if these details are leaked by mistake then anyone can withdraw money from the account.

 Fraud callers also misuse net banking and cheat with people.

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