Sharekhan Stock Broker

India’s top third stock brokerage company is Sharekhan Stock Broker. It provides a wide range of services, including investment in mutual funds, share trading, IPO, stock broking, and share broking. Additionally, Sharekhan provides a number of services like a user-friendly website, a mobile app, and live chat assistance.

Shripal Morakhia launched Sharekhan in the year 2000. Since then, the business has expanded to become one of India’s top share brokerage firms. At the moment, Sharekhan employs more than 4800 people and serves more than 1.4 million consumers.

Sharekhan Share Brokerage Services

Investors can buy, sell, and trade shares online using Sharekhan, a top online share broker. Online share trading, market creation, and arbitrage are just a few of the many share trading services that Sharekhan provides.

Investors can trade shares online on a variety of stock exchanges thanks to Sharekhan’s online share trading services. Investors have access to a user-friendly platform that makes buying and selling shares online through Sharekhan.

Sharekhan provides its services to a variety of clients, including NRIs, corporations, institutional clients, and individual investors and traders.

Share Khan Reviews

On the BSE and NSE, Sherkhan offers transaction execution services for the Equity, Cash, and Derivatives segments.

Sherkhan offers facilities for trading commodities on the MCX and NCDEX.

IPO and mutual fund investing, as well as depository services (demat accounts), are also available through Sharekhan.

Accounts Offered by Sharekhan

Sharekhan offers two types of accounts, 

1) Classic Account 

2) Trade Tiger Account.

Plans Offered By Sharekhan 

There are two types of plans offered:

 1) Postpaid plan 

2) Prepaid Plan.

Product Offered by Sharekhan

  • Equity Trading
  • Commodity Trading 
  • Currency Trading
  • Mutual Funds
  • Systematic Investment Plans
Services Offered by Sharekhan

Sharekhan offers the following services.

  • Demat Services
  • Trading Services
  • Intraday Services
  • IPO Services
  • Stock Recommendations
  • Robo Advisory
  • PMS
  • Trading Institution
  • Trading Exposure
Research and Advisory Items by Sharekhan

Here is a list of research and advisory provided by Sharekahn.

  • Fundamental Reports
  • Research Reports
  • Company Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Company Stock Review
  • Free Stock Tips
  • To Picks
  • Monthly Reports
  • Weekly Reports
  • Offline Advisory
  • Relationship Manager

Sher KhanSstock Broker Account Opening & Trading Brokerage Charges

Trading A/c OpeningNil
Annual MaintenanceNil
Demat A/c OpeningOne Time Charges
Demat A/c maintenance ChargesFirst Year- Nil (Rest 400/Year)
Equity Cash Intraday Charges0.10%
Equity Delivery Trades Charges10 paisa/Share
F&O Trades Charges0.10%
Options Trades Charges2.50%
Currency Future Charges2.50%
Currency Options Charges2.50%
Commodity Charges0.10%

Sharekhan Postpaid Plans Charges

Equity CashFutureOptions
Margin SchemeLeg 1Leg 2DeliveryLeg 1Leg 2 (same day)Leg 2 (next day)Option (whichever is higher)
25,0000.10%0.10%0.50%0.10%0.02%0.10%2.50% or Rs 100 per lot
30,0000.10%0.00%0.50%0.10%0.00%0.10%2.50% or Rs 100 per lot
40,0000.09%0.00%0.45%0.09%0.00%0.09%2.25% or Rs 95 per lot
50,0000.07%0.00%0.40%0.07%0.00%0.07%1.50% or Rs 80 per lot
1 Lakh0.05%0.00%0.25%0.05%0.00%0.05%1.00% or Rs 70 per lot
3 Lakh0.04%0.00%0.20%0.04%0.00%0.04%1.00% or Rs 50 per lot
5 lakhs0.03%0.00%0.18%0.03%0.00%0.03%0.75% or Rs 40 per lot
10 Lakhs0.02%0.00%0.15%0.02%0.00%0.02%0.60% or Rs 30 per lot
20 Lakhs0.015%0.00%0.10%0.015%0.00%0.015%0.55% or Rs 25 per lot

Sharekhan Prepaid Plans Charges

Equity CashFutureOptions
Amount (Rs)PeriodLeg 1Leg 2DeliveryLeg 1Leg 2 (same day)Leg 2 (next day)Option (whichever is higher)
7506 months0.10%0.00%0.50%0.10%0.00%0.10%2.50% or Rs 250 per lot
10006 months0.09%0.00%0.45%0.09%0.00%0.09%2.25% or Rs 238 per lot
200012 months0.07%0.00%0.40%0.07%0.00%0.07%1.50% or Rs 200 per lot
600012 months0.05%0.00%0.25%0.05%0.00%0.05%1.00% or Rs 175 per lot
1000012 months0.045%0.00%0.22%0.045%0.00%0.045%1.00% or Rs 150 per lot
1800012 months0.04%0.00%0.20%0.04%0.00%0.04%1.00% or Rs 125 per lot
3000012 months0.03%0.00%0.18%0.03%0.00%0.03%0.50% or Rs 100 per lot
6000012 months0.02%0.00%0.15%0.02%0.00%0.02%0.50% or Rs 75 per lot
10000012 months0.015%0.00%0.10%0.015%0.00%0.015%0.50% or Rs 63 per lot
20000012 months0.005%0.005%0.08%0.005%0.005%0.005%Flat Rs 25 per lot

Trade Tiger Share Khan Application Review

  • The Sharekhan Trade Tiger application is installable on both desktops and laptops.
  • Equities, currencies, commodities, IPOs, and mutual funds are just a few of the many trading alternatives accessible through this application.
  • This Application is a single exchange platform for various exchanges MCX, NCDEX, BSE & NSE (Cash & F&O),
  • Current market information  and; availability of many Market Watch on this trade tiger.
  • On a single screen, multiple market watches are available.
  • provides cutting-edge analytical and trading tools, such as Trade from Excel and HeatMap Partnership with 12 banks for online money transfers
  • You can choose from a variety of graph studies, such as the average, band-bollinger, know sure thing, MACD, RSI, etc.
  • Various market-sizing tools are accessible, including Tick Query, Ticker, Market Summary, Action Watch, Option Premium Calculator, and Span Calculator.

How to Open a Sharekhan Share Brokerage Trading Account.

If you are satisfied with the services provided by Sharekhan brokerage, then you can open Sharekhan trading account online.

  • First of all search “Sharekhan Trading Account” on google.
  • Open “” website.
Sharekhan Stock Broker
  • Click on “Open and Account” in top panel of the website’s home page.
Sharekhan Stock Broker
  • Enter Your Name, Mobile number, Email Address.
  • Enter your City name and Click on Start.
  • You will receive an OTP at your mobile, Enter the OTP on screen and click on “Submit OTP”
Sharekhan Stock Broker
  • Enter your 10 digit Pan number, Your date of birth, Your Bank account number and IFSC code.
  • Enter the same name in the last column and accept the term and conditions and submit the application.
Sharekhan Stock Broker
  • Choose a plan in the next part, Super Saver plan is absolutely free.
  • Upload the following documents in the next part such as Pan Card, Address Proof, Cancelled Cheque, Income Proof and Photograph.
Sharekhan Stock Broker
  • Do the signature on white paper and upload the same on the portal.
  • After uploading the documents click on Save & Continue.
  • Next part is Other Information, Enter your Gender, Marital Status and Father name.
  • Enter Trading Experience, Occupation and Designation.
Sharekhan Stock Broker
  • Enter Annual Income, Proposed investment amount and source of income.
  • Click on the “Save & Continue” button in the last.
  • Last option is the E-Sign option. Verify your details with mobile OTP and subnet the application form.
  • Your Sharekhan trading account is opened in 5 simple steps.

How to Open Sharekhan Demat Account in Mobile.

  • Open google search box and search for “Sharekhan Demat Account”.
  • Open the official website “
Sharekhan Stock Broker
  • Enter the details required for opening demat account such as Name, Mobile number, Email and City and then click on Start button.
Sharekhan Stock Broker
  • You will receive and OTP at your mobile number, enter the OTP and click on Save & Continue.
  • Enter your Pan No, Date of Birth, IFSC Code, and Bank Account number in the next step.
Sharekhan Stock Broker
  • Re-enter your saving bank account number and click on Save & Continue button.
  • Select a plan in the next part, Super Saver is a free plan, you can select this plan.
  • Upload your all required documents such as Pan Card, Income Proof, Address Proof, Canceled Cheque for Bank proof and in the end upload your selfie and complete your online E-KYC.
Sharekhan Stock Broker
  • Click on Save & continue button after uploading all documents.
  • Enter other details such as gender, marital status, father name, annual income, proposed investment amount and source of fund.
  • Your basic information will open on the screen, read the information carefully and click on the “I Hereby Confirm All the Details” button and submit the application.
  • Upload your E-Signature in the last and your demat account will open in free.

Sharekhan Share Broker Account Advantages and Disadvantages.

Every company’s trading account has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Here are a few advantages of a Sharekhan trading account.

  • Free Demat opening facility.
  • Free Trading account opening facility.
  • No annual maintenance charges.
  • User friendly Website, Mobile App, Sharekhan Mini Low bandwidth App and Trade Tiger Trading Terminal.
  • Both plans are available postpaid and prepaid.
  • Minimal brokerage charges.
  • Multiple brokerage schemes for customers.
  • Big company network, around 550 branches available in India.
  • Online and Offline workshops for investors.
  • A dedicated relationship manager for NRI clients.
  • Customers blame that Sharekhan charges high in comparison to other brokerage companies.
  • Sharekhan is not in banking business, so no 3- in -1 account facility available.
  • Percentage based brokerage charges instead of fixed charges.
  • Minimum charges 10 paisa/ stock.
  • No placing order facility is available after trading hours.
  • Limitations on classic accounts.

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