Slice Credit Card Benefits and Disadvantages


Slice credit card is a big discussion in the market these days. This credit card is one such card that is also given to the student. Slice company claims that no CIBIL score is seen while issuing this card. In today’s article, we will tell you about Slice Credit Card Benefits and Disadvantages, will tell you about Slice Credit Card Offers, will tell Slice Money app review, and will talk about how to apply for Slice Credit Card.

What is Slice Credit Card

Slice Card is a card that acts as both a credit card and a loan. This card can be used as a credit card and credit free time is also available on this card. Like other No Cost EMI cards such as Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, Bajaj Finserv No Cost EMI Card, and Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, there is no cost EMI facility, similarly, this card also offers a no-cost EMI facility for 3 months. On which no interest or extra charges are charged.

Slice Card Benefits

Slice Company claims that this card can be used for shopping on 99% of merchant websites in India. The slice card can be used for online shopping as well as withdraw cash from the card which can be transferred to a bank account.

Slice Credit Card Benefits

This is the only student credit card that can be issued to students through which all the features of the credit card can be used. There are many Slice Card Benefits which we are going to tell in our article.

Slice Credit Card Benefits

  1. Cashback offers of up to 90% keep coming on this card from time to time.
  2. Anyone above 18 can apply for this card.
  3. If the student does not have a PAN card, then he can apply for this card on the student ID.
  4. This card has features of both loan and credit cards.
  5. Students can also apply for Slice Credit Card whose CIBIL score has not started yet.
  6. Generally, only those people who have a good CIBIL score can apply for a credit card but Slice Card can also be applied by people whose CIBIL score has not started yet.
  7. If a person wants to start his CIBIL score then he can start his CIBIL score by taking a Slice credit card.
  8. You do not need to visit an office to apply for Slice Credit Card.
  9. This card is applied online through Slice App.
  10. It is a good credit card for those who have no cibil score yet.
  11. The company claims that slice credit card is accepted at 99.95 Merchants across the country.
  12. Slice app has the facility to download individual soft passbook

Slice Credit Card Offers

  1. Slice card is available both virtual and physical.
  2. The company claims that 2% cashback is available on every transaction.
  3. Slice Company provides a credit limit from 2000 to 10 lakhs on this card.
  4. No cost EMI facility is available on this card for up to 3 months.
  5. There is no joining or annual fee to get this card made.
  6. Instant cashback and discounts are available on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Swiggy, MakeMyTrip, and many more.
  7. With Slice Card, any customer can transfer money to his bank account or Paytm.
  8. Earn referral money by referring Slice Card to your friends

Slice Credit Card Disadvangates

  1. This is not a credit card but a credit line card
  2. If the credit taken from this card is not returned on time, then a high-interest rate has to be paid.
  3. If the credit taken from this card is not returned on time, then the CIBIL score gets affected badly.
  4. If you transfer the amount directly from this card to your bank account, then you have to pay a high-interest rate and charges.
  5. Getting cashback is not that easy, for many terms and conditions have been imposed.
  6. Customer service is not good, many users complain that customer service is not supported all the time.
  7. While there is no cost EMI facility on this card, many customers complain that EMI interest is charged.
  8. Some customers complain that there is a problem while repaying the payment on the Slice app.
  9. Slice Company does not easily increase the credit limit on this card.
  10. Customers complain about the user experience of this app, sometimes the paid installment is not updated quickly.

How to make Slice credit card payment

To make a Slice Credit Card payment, first of all, you must check your expenses. Expenses can be seen in the passbook every month.

Slice Credit card Payment

Then click on the clock-like icon at the bottom of the Slice app. While making a slice credit card payment, you have 3 options in front of you, the first option, you can pay the entire bill. In the second option you can convert the bill to EMI of 2 months and in the third option you can convert the bill into EMI of 3 months

Slice app Review

If you do not have money to pay the entire bill, then you can convert this bill into an EMI of 2 months or 3 months. If you want to pay the bill completely, then click on the first option. After that click on confirm. On the next page, select the payment option, in which the options of UPI, Debit card, and Net banking have been given. After selecting one of these options, make a Slice Credit card payment.

How to Apply Slice Credit Car in Slice App – Slice app Review

To apply the slice card, first of all, install the slice app.

After opening the app, enter your mobile number, first name, and last name.

Three options are given in the occupation Student, Salaried, and Self Employed, click on one of these options.

If you want to provide a referral code, enter the referral code.

Your PAN card number will be shown from your mobile number.

If your PAN card is not showing then fill it out manually.

In the next step, your CIBIL score will be displayed on the screen.

In the next step select your profession.

In the next step select your city and enter your monthly income.

In the next step click your selfie and upload it.

 On the next page, your address will be picked up from your PAN card. If the address doesn’t show up, click on Add New Address and enter the address.

In this way, your credit card and credit limit will be approved.

After this, you have to upload your documents so that your credit card will be activated.

How to Close Slice Credit Card

A slice credit card cannot be closed permanently but if you want to close a slice credit card then you have to deactivate it through the slice app.

If you want to close the slice card permanently and slice customer service is not helping you then you can mail it to the Ombudsman Department of NBFC which is created by rbi.

These are the four email addresses where emails can be sent.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

While mailing to the email address of any city near you, definitely cc the official email of Slice.

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