Sula Vineyards IPO – File Raised to SEBI

Sula Vineyards IPO is coming soon. It is not surprising that many wine companies are looking to go public offered that the wine market is a $50 billion sector. But Sula Vineyards, which is expected to go public in India later this year, is one of the most popular wine producers right now.

Despite having its headquarters in the Mumbai, the company also sells its wines in India and other nations. The business generated 453.92 Corers in revenue in this year and is expanding quickly.

Sula Vineyards IPO Date

Sula Vineyards is making the wager that consumers will value its wines more for their high calibre than for their affordability. Six wines in the company’s portfolio are priced range at roughly Rs. 425 to Rs. 1320 a bottle.

The business anticipates that the proceeds from its first public offering would enable it to keep growing both in India and overseas.

Sula Vineyards IPO Details : Know About the Company Before Purchasing Their IPO

180 kilometres northeast of Mumbai in Nashik, India’s wine centre, is where you’ll find Sula Vineyards. Cuvi Rasa Shiraz, a red wine produced in only the best vintages, is the prestige wine of Sula. Reserve Viognier from the Dindori estate is their top white wine. At its Nashik Estate and Domaine Sula in Karnataka, Sula offers wine tours in addition to a diverse range of wines.

Additionally, the winery provides tours of the winery, tasting room tours for wine tasting sessions, and even grape petting for visitors.

The top management is listed as follows: CEO and MD Rajeev Samant, Chief Winemaker and SVP Karan Vasani, COO Chaitanya Kamal Rathi, COO Bittu Varghese, and additional professionals like Gregoire Verdin, Kerry Damsky, etc.

Who is Sula Vineyards?

The first wine Vineyard was planted in Nashik in 1996 by Rajiv Samant, CEO and MD of Sula Vineyards, and it is now India’s top wine-producing region. Some of India’s best vineyards and the most cutting-edge viticulture innovation and technology can be found in Sula’s owned and contracted vineyards.

Sula’s vineyards serve as both its base and the environment in which it conducts its experiments and innovations. Each vineyard aspires to enchant and inspire, and is picturesque and created to give you a full peek into wine.

The business anticipates that the proceeds from its first public offering would enable it to keep growing both in India and overseas.

Sula Vineyards Financial Strengths

  1. Diversified Business
  2. Maximum client satisfaction
  3. Repeated client commitment fulfillment
  4. Expansion in new cities and countries
  5. Successful business franchising model
  6. Threat of decline of different currency
  7. Strong financial background
  8. Growing revenue chart year by year

Sula Vineyards Company Strengths

  1. High geographically reach.
  2. Strong brand identity
  3. Continuous product innovation
  4. Strong market position
  5. Enhancement in client’s fulfillment
  6. Increasing demand is strong point of this company

Sula Vineyards Company Threats

  1. The business faced increased international and domestic competition due to changing customer preferences
  2. This company deals with extreme domestic and worldwide competitors
  3. This company suffers from an increased risk of duplication of its products in market
  4. Alternative products available in the market
  5. Announcing dry area by some state governments is a concern
  6. Other threat factors such as Economic factor, social factor, political factor and environment factor

Sula Vineyards IPO Objects of the Issue

The Company is targeting raising funds through IPO. In the IPO, the shareholders intend to sell 25,546,186 equity shares via the OFS method. In addition to investors like Cofintra, Haystack Investments Limited, Saama Capital III, Ltd, SWIP Holdings Limited, Verlinvest S.A, and Verlinvest France S.A., these stockholders include promoter, founder, and CEO Rajeev Samant.

Sula Vineyards IPO Allotment & Listing Details

IPO date is to be announced. Sula Vineyards IPO date is yet to be announce like Tata Technologies IPO and Bharat FIH IPO.

 Particulars No. Of Equity Shares
 Equity Shares Offered Up to X Equity Shares aggregating up to Rs.[●] Million
Issue Reserved for the Market MakersUp to [●] Equity Shares aggregating up to Rs.[●]
Net Issue to the PublicUp to [●] Equity Shares aggregating up to Rs.[●]
Retail Investors PortionNot less than [●] Equity Shares
Other than Retail Individual InvestorsNot more than [●] Equity Shares
 Equity Shares outstanding prior to the IssueX Equity Shares
 Equity Shares outstanding after the IssueX Equity Shares

Sula Vineyards IPO Date

To be announce.

Sula IPO Details

To be issued

Sula Vineyards IPO Lot Size

To be announce.

Sula Vineyards IPO Prospectus

To be declare

Sula Vineyards IPO Rating

No rating yet.

Sula Vineyards Company Contact Information

Address :

Sula Vineyards, Nashik
Gat 36/2, Govardhan Village, Gangapur-Savargaon Rd Nashik, Maharashtra 422222

Contact No : 9970090010

Email Address : [email protected]

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