Paradeep phosphates company was earlier a government company but now it is with Adventz Group. Paradeep Phosphates is a Non Fertilizer Company.

Paradeep Phosphates Company mainly manufactures DAP, NPK, Potash, Soil Conditioner, and Gypsum. Its products are also famous by the name Navratna.

 Invest in Pradeep phosphates IPO GMP for the long term rather than the short term.

Do not invest money in this IPO for the short term in the opinion of Zee Business Experts.

 Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, fertilizer companies will benefit, so in the opinion of experts, it would be right to invest in Pradeep phosphates IPO GMP.

Paradeep Phosphates Company has an excellent financial track record.

Paradeep Phosphates is an old company. And this company launched its IPO after almost 20 years after almost a long time

Paradeep phosphates has launched the IPO in the right way by the company, that too after the complete performance and after the profit of the company.