What is Money Credit Loan | Money Credit Loan Review?


Money Credit Loan is a lending company that offers Personal loans, Home loans, Car loans, Business Loans, and Education loans. The full name of Money Credit Loan is Money Credit Online which provides loans only online.

Money Credit Loan is a new finance company, so it does not take much effort to take a loan from it. Right now Money Credit Company does not have many customers, so there is not much information about this company on the internet yet.

Money Credit Loan Review

In today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about Money Credit Loan, which is about the loan interest rate, loan minimum and maximum amount, loan processing, late payment charges, and loan eligibility.

Money Credit Loan is a brand new finance company that is giving loans in the market. Right now this company has to stand in the market, so the company will have to think twice before committing any fraud with its customers.

The best thing about the company is that the personal loan interest rate of this company starts from 9% which is the minimum. The company has not yet disclosed the maximum interest rate.

This company also provides online loans like other NBFC companies but the company has not launched an app yet. Like other financial companies like MoneyTap, Money View, Lazy Pay, and Dhani App, this company also does not give much importance to credit scores.

The amount of a Money Credit Loan starts from a minimum of 10000 to 10 lakhs but the company gives loans only to the earning person.

To take Money Credit Loan, it is necessary to have an Aadhar card, PAN card, valid address proof as well as a mobile number.

Money Credit Loan Interest Rate

Money Credit Loan starts from 9% but no upper limit is given. Before taking a loan, one must know about the loan interest from the loan officer. Anyway, while applying for the loan, the loan interest rate appears on the screen as the loan interest rate varies from customer to customer.

9% interest rate is only for the sake of appearance, in fact, all the lending companies charge interest on personal loans ranging from 28% to 36%.

Money Credit Loan Eligibility

The first eligibility criterion for a money credit loan is that the loan applicant must be a citizen of India.

Applicant should have Aadhar Card and mobile number should be linked with Aadhar Card as KYC is done on Aadhar Card only.

Applicant should have valid address proof, PAN card, and should have a bank account

The applicant should have some employment i.e. he should be earning person.

Money Credit Loan is available only to Salaried, Self Employed, and Pensioners.

Money Credit Loan Documentations

  1. Aadhar Card.
  2. Pan card.
  3. Aadhar card linked mobile number.
  4. Bank Account.
  5. Income Proof.

Money Credit Loan – Loan Amount

The loan amount depends on the customer’s profile. Any person whose income is good and he is a salaried persona can get a loan of up to 10 lakhs. But a person whose income is not good and he is self-employed may get only a 10000 loan amount. So, the Money Credit Loan amount starts from 10000 to a maximum of 10 lakhs.

Money Credit Loan Categories

Money credit online loan provides loans in different categories. These categories are such as vacation loans, Car loans, Home loans, Personal loans, Education loans, Business loans, and Credit and bills loans.

It means, you can get a loan for holidays, for weddings or you can plan for traveling abroad on vacations and can get a loan from Money Credit Loan.

Home Loan – You can get a loan for home improvement, home renovation, or purchasing a new home.

Personal Loan – Personal loan can fit any of these needs such as urgent funds, home renovations, marriage expenses, buying a car, or investing funds in a business.

Business – You can start any small business or can invest in your existing business. You can purchase more stock or raw materials for your business.

Education loan – You can get an education loan for yourself or your children. This loan full fills study purposes.

How to Apply for a Loan at Money Credit Loan App

The loan application process at Money Credit Loan Online is very simple.

Money Credit Loan
  1. First of all Open https://moneycreditonline.com/ link in any of your browsers.
  2. Or Search on Google search box for Money Credit Loan Online and click the first result in the search result.
  3. Register yourself with Money Credit Loan.
  4. Enter your Name, Mobile Number, and then click on Apply Now button.
  5. Create your login password and click on process.
  6. Enter your Aadhar card number and pan card number.
  7. Enter your Aadhar card-linked mobile number.
  8. You will receive an OTP at your mobile number for online eKYC authentication.
  9. Enter OTP on the screen and click for Process, If OTP is not received then click on “Resend OTP”.
  10. Your Aadhar details will open on the next screen. Verify your address, state, pin code, and country.
  11. Enter your bank details such as bank account number, bank name, and IFSC code.
  12. If your address details and date of birth, father’s name is correct then click on the Next button.
  13. Select your occupation details on the next page,  if you are a salaried person then select “Salary”, if you are self-employed or businessman then select “Self-employed”, if you are a pensioner then select “pensioner” and if you are unemployed or student the select “unemployed”.
  14. Enter your monthly income or salary in the income field.
  15. The select loan amount you want to opt for is a personal loan.
  16. Select the loan term in years.
  17. Click on the Process button. Your loan eligibility will reflect on the screen. If you agree with a certain loan amount then click on the Process button.
  18. You will receive an OTP at your mobile number, fill in the OTP on this screen and click on the Next button.
  19. The system will generate a loan application on the screen with your full details. Click on the download option and take a print-out.
  20. Sign on the application form and upload it again to the system.
  21. Upload your other documents such as Aadhar card copy, Pan copy, and income proof copy.
  22. Click on Submit button and you will get your loan amount into your bank account within a day.


Q. Can an existing customer apply for a loan with Money Credit, already running a loan with another bank?

Ans. Yes, any existing customer can apply for Money Credit Loan.

Q. What is the Money Credit Loan Interest rate?

Ans.  Money Credit Loan starts at 9%/ Annum but loan interest rates depend on the customer profile, credit history, and monthly income.

Q. How much time it will take to approve a loan?

Ans. Money Credit claims that it takes only 24 hours to disburse a loan into a customer’s bank account after eKYD completion.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum loan provided by Money Credit?

Ans. Money Credit loans start from a minimum of 10000 and the maximum loan amount is 10 Lakhs.

Q. What are Credit Money loan pre-closer charges?

Ans. According to Credit Money, there are no loan pre closer charges and any customer wants to close his/her loan before the loan term.

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