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ZestMoney Loan Review – ZestMoney App How it Works


ZestMoney empowers millions to upgrade, enhance, and rise to new heights while ensuring affordability. With Zest Money, you can enjoy the freedom to make purchases right away and repay in flexible installments. Whether you prefer a 30-day repayment period or an extended term of 3 or 4 months, ZestMoney lets you choose what works best for you.

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Convenient Repayment Options Tailored to Your Needs

They understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to repayments. That’s why ZestMoney offers a wide range of EMI plans to suit your convenience. Whether you prefer shorter or longer tenures, you can select the repayment term that fits your financial goals.

Simple and Hassle-Free Approval Process for Buy Now, Pay Later

With ZestMoney, accessing the buy now, pay later option has never been easier. Our quick and streamlined 3-step approval process ensures a hassle-free experience. Say goodbye to lengthy paperwork and complicated procedures. ZestMoney simplifies the process so you can start enjoying your purchases without delay.

No Hidden Charges or Additional Fees for EMI Pre-closure

They believe in transparent and fair practices. That’s why ZestMoney does not impose any pre-closure fees when you choose to repay your EMI early. Pay off your loan without worrying about additional charges, giving you more control over your financial journey.

No Extra Documentation Required

At ZestMoney, we value your time and effort. That’s why we don’t burden you with unnecessary paperwork or extra documents. Enjoy a seamless experience with our hassle-free application process.

Instant Approval for Loan Amounts up to 5 Lakh

Need financial assistance for larger purchases? ZestMoney has got you covered. They provide instant approval for loan amounts up to 5 lakh, ensuring you have the funds you need to upgrade your lifestyle.

Zest Money

With ZestMoney, upgrading, enhancing, and rising to new heights is within your reach. Download the ZestMoney app today and experience the smart way to shop while maintaining affordability.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Access a Personal Loan with ZestMoney

  1. Simple Registration Process for ZestMoney Credit Limit

Getting started with ZestMoney is easy. Simply complete the quick and straightforward registration process to establish your ZestMoney credit limit.

  1. Activate Your Credit Limit for Convenient Shopping

Once you’ve signed up, activate your credit limit by providing the necessary KYC documents and setting up your repayment method. This step ensures that you can enjoy the convenience of shopping with your ZestMoney credit.

  1. Explore a Wide Range of Merchant Partners

Unlock a world of options by shopping at our extensive network of merchant partners. Whether you prefer online or physical stores, ZestMoney is accepted at numerous locations, allowing you to make purchases with ease.

  1. Qualify for an Instant Loan

As you shop with our merchant partners and consistently make repayments, you become eligible for an instant loan through ZestMoney’s platform. It’s a seamless process that rewards responsible financial behavior.

  1. Access a Personal Loan without Additional Documentation

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you can avail a personal loan without the hassle of submitting extra documents. ZestMoney values your time and makes the borrowing process as convenient as possible.

Experience a Better Life with ZestMoney

ZestMoney opens doors to a better life for millions of individuals. Upgrade your lifestyle, enhance your experiences, and rise to new heights while ensuring affordability. Join our ever-growing community of satisfied users who have embraced the smart way to shop.

Download the Zest App and Discover Your Credit Limit

Take the first step towards financial empowerment by downloading the ZestMoney app. Complete your profile to check your personalized credit limit and explore the possibilities it offers.

Quick Activation Process for a Seamless Shopping Experience

Activate your ZestMoney credit limit swiftly by uploading the required KYC documents and setting up automatic repayments. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with ZestMoney’s efficient activation process.

Convenient Usage at Offline and Online Stores

Enjoy the convenience of using ZestMoney at both offline and online stores. With wide acceptance at thousands of physical retail outlets and a vast network of online partners, you have the freedom to shop wherever you prefer.

No Joining Fees or Hidden Charges

Rest assured, ZestMoney believes in transparency. We have no joining fees or hidden charges, ensuring that you can utilize our services without any unexpected financial burdens.

Personalized Credit Limit of up to 2 Lac

Based on your creditworthiness, ZestMoney offers a personalized credit limit of up to 2 lakh. This enables you to make substantial purchases and fulfill your aspirations.

Wide Acceptance at Online and Physical Retail Stores

ZestMoney is widely accepted at numerous online stores and physical retail outlets. You can confidently use your ZestMoney credit limit at a wide range of establishments, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Fast Approval Process with No Paperwork or Credit Card Required

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and the need for a credit card. ZestMoney offers a fast approval process that eliminates unnecessary hurdles, making it convenient for you to access credit when you need it.

Trusted by Millions of Registered Users

Join the millions of registered users who have placed their trust in ZestMoney. Benefit from our reliable services, user-friendly interface, and excellent app rating on the Play Store.

ZestMoney Review On Customer Feedback

  1. The demand for everything to be on apps is absurd. The website is merely a landing page for the app, making it frustrating to access basic information and perform simple tasks like checking remaining payments. The verification process is also complicated, especially when the app fails to sense calls on the same system. These unnecessary complications are disappointing.
  2. The loan approval process initially seems smooth, but then issues arise. Changing the bank account can only be done through the support team, not the app. The documentation process takes time, and after a week, a mail is received stating that the loan cannot be activated due to a technical issue. Furthermore, there is no assistance provided for changing the bank account, and it seems this problem has persisted for two years.
  3. Initially, everything goes well with making purchases and paying EMIs. However, suddenly the account shows as inactive. Contacting customer service does not resolve the issue, as they fail to understand the problem. Despite the app being useful for converting purchases into EMIs with customizable time periods, this issue leaves the user uncertain and disappointed.
  4. The user receives a credit limit but encounters difficulties activating it. The app gets stuck on the Zest logo animation, and despite informing customer care and being told that the technical team will address the issue, a week passes with no resolution. The user requests assistance and indicates that the rating will improve once the problem is fixed.
  5. The user appreciates Zest Money for being the first app to provide a loan and the simplicity of obtaining it. The installment methods and EMI payments are easy, and paying EMIs correctly can lead to an increased credit limit and credit score. The availability of personal loans is also praised, resulting in complete satisfaction with Zest Money.
  6. The app is considered good for small credit line requirements and emergency purchases when running out of balance. Repayment is easy and quick, with acceptable interest rates. The user suggests explaining other options like in-store loans and concludes that the app is suitable for short-term financial needs.
  7. The app receives a 4-star rating for being very good overall, with excellent customer service and the ability to purchase almost anything within the assigned credit limit. However, the user expresses dissatisfaction with a low credit limit despite having a good CIBIL score of 790 and a positive repayment track record. Nonetheless, the app is deemed helpful for buying on EMI.
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